The Verasys system provides bundled equipment and controls solutions that are well-proven. Verasys is a plug and play solution that features both simple, configurable controllers and HVACR equipment from the factory or installed in the field. You can use Verasys to configure many HVACR controls applications for one building or an entire enterprise comprised of multiple buildings, without using special programming tools or control engineering.


The Verasys 5.0 is a major upgrade solution with features such as:

  • Building data is secured from edge to cloud using zero-trust airwall technology
  • Over-the-air automated or manual routine firmware upgrades for the new Smart Building Hub 3.0
  • Verasys Enterprise / Service Contractor Interface designed to support contractors with multiple Verasys installations with a Dispatch/ticketing function, alarm resolution and diagnostic guidance through pdf and video, and end user reports
  • Transparent MSTP Router (TMR)

Who Should Attend:

CONTRACTORS looking for an easy to install, easy to use configurable building controls BUILDING OWNERS and DESIGNERS looking for an intuative bulding monitoring and control system that keeps occupants comfortable while reducing operating costs.

Thu, Nov 30, 2023 11:45 AM - 12:45 PM EST