Complete lighting solutions for standalone single zones, or integration to existing or new Building Automation Systems

Yorkland sees a world being continuously transformed to be safer, more productive, and environmentally friendly through illumination. Integrating efficient and intelligent lighting applies to a range of unique tasks and environments including; commercial, food and beverage facilities, warehouse and distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, transportation and terminals, energy, waste, and chemical plants. Industrial spaces require highly customized lighting solutions to provide a safe and productive work environment. The right lighting can improve work and safety conditions, while also increasing efficiency, improving light performance, and saving big on energy costs. Yorkland enables businesses operating in demanding environments to reduce their energy costs, maintenance costs, and carbon footprint while maximizing the safety and productivity of their facilities.

Partnering with brands that include Blue Ridge Lighting, Toggled IQ, Johnson Contorls, Honeywell, Yorkland has earned national recognition along with an outstanding reputation for providing consulting services and parts for various types of smart lighting products and solutions.

Lighting Solution Partners

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