A Healthy World Needs Healthy Buildings

At the heart of Yorkland’s vision for a healthy world is the need to help create and validate the health of buildings. New technologies focusing on improving indoor air quality have become a focus for building owners as they look to differentiate their properties, and validating occupant comfort, while optimizing ventilation and achieving their carbon foot print goals. Traditionally, improving ventilation meant running the equipment longer with little or no means of knowing if increased ventilation was increasing indoor air quality (IAQ) for the occupants.

By integrating, multi-variable IAQ technologies, advanced analytics and implementing “smart ventilation strategies” into building controls organizations can deploy healthy building control solutions that validate indoor air quality improvement measures for occupants, deliver operating efficiency, boost productivity, and enhance sustainability.

Yorkland Controls contributes to healthy buildings that will help you transform building spaces into living, breathing, intelligent places that respond to changing environments and occupant needs. We can help you reduce building costs, increase productivity and enhance revenue opportunities while delivering on your “green promise” to support healthy people, healthy places, and a healthy planet.

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Partnering with brands that include Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Belimo, EasyIO, SkyFoundry, J2 innovations, and 75f, Yorkland has earned national recognition along with an outstanding reputation for providing solutions and parts for healthy building spaces products and solutions.

Healthy Spaces Solution Partners

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