Increase Safety and Efficiency With Intelligent Smart Building Technologies applied to every size facility.

Buildings are at the heart of our lives, and it is estimated that we spend up to 90% of our lives living or working in them. The convergence of operational and information technology is changing the way in which businesses and enterprises interact with their facilities.

Owners, managers and tenants are being driven to rethink how they manage, occupy and operate their buildings. Savvy businesses are re-imagining how to better utilize buildings and improve occupant experiences by digitally transforming an environment to more effectively use the data that buildings generate to drive comfort, security and sustainability. The task of fully transitioning to a fully “smart” building can feel overwhelming, and luckily you don’t have tackle these challenges alone (or all at once).

Yorkland Controls provides smart building wide technology solutions and integration support services to help professionals design, build, install and manage facilities to succeed in their quest to create more optimized, energy efficient facilities by investing in intelligent, data-enabled building automation platforms and related controls.

Example Smart Building Architecture


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Yorkland partners with smart building technology solution providers that enable intelligent buildings. These brands include, Toggled iQ, Fin Framework, Tosibox, Optigo, Honeywell, Johnson Controls , EasyIO and SkyFoundry. Yorkland has earned recognition and an outstanding reputation for providing consulting service assistance and parts for building automation, building management control systems, and smart building technology solutions.

Smart Building Technology Solution Partners

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