Vulcain by Honeywell gas detection systems are designed for use in a diverse range of commercial applications, from refrigerant systems and mechanical rooms to parking structures and office complexes. Each of these applications has its own set of requirements, both legal and practical, and Vulcain is committed to working closely with its clients to ensure all of these needs are met. Vulcain offers complete product packages for use in common gas monitoring situations.

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Some of the more common air quality hazards include:

- Refrigerants in mechanical rooms
- CO and NO2 in indoor parking garages
- CH4 in boiler rooms
- Freon in grocery stores
- CO2 for demand control ventilation

- Flammable gases
- CO, CH4, O2 and H2S in waste water treatment plants
- CO in aerospace, automotive industries
- Cl2 in pools
- Propane in ice arenas and parking garages

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Parking Garages

With Vulcain, Yorkland provides gas detection solutions that economically and safely meet regulations for parking garages. These monitoring systems can activate ventilation through relays on multiple levels and at varying speeds depending on the concentrations measured. Designed to suit any site, an addressable network can work independently or interface with an existing building automation system.

Recommended Devices

VA301C Digital Gas Detection Controller
VA301ADI Analog / Digital Input Controller
VA201T Toxic and Combustible Gas Transmitter

Mechnaical Rooms

A building’s mechanical room is the hub of its heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. This can include, but is not limited to, central utility plants, boiler and chiller rooms, mechanical and electrical rooms, fuel rooms, as well as metering and ommunications closets. The chillers, boilers and combustion equipment within these rooms have the potential to leak harmful combustible or toxic gases, including costly refrigerant gases such as R11, R22 and R123. Today’s building codes provide very specific gas detection system installation requirements to safeguard against refrigerant leaks.


Recommended Devices

VA301EM Mechanical Room Controller
VA301IRFS Infrared Refrigerant Gas Sensor
VA301EMRP Expansion Module Remote Panel