Transforming Data Into Value –
Go beyond Building Automation!

SkySpark  automatically transforms energy, equipment and building data into meaningful information that has direct business value.
SkySpark takes the data from your building and energy systems and applies rules, algorithms, and your knowledge and experience, to identify operational inefficiencies, equipment faults, and opportunities for savings.

The result – SkySpark shows you what matters. There’s no need to hunt through graphics, reports, alarms, and histories – SkySpark automatically notifies you when it detects operational issues and brings you to automatically generated views of those issues, which we call “sparks”.  SkySpark delivers true business value from your data – data that you most likely already have access to.

A new tool implemented by integrators for: End users, Consultants, and Commissioning agents.

Why Automation Systems only go so far.

When we implement a building automation system we take our best understanding of the building and equipment systems and write control sequences based on our assumptions, past experience and the information available at the time. Those control sequences do exactly what we “tell” them to do – no more, no less. And while they are often called “feedback loops” the only feedback they respond to is the value of the variable they are attempting to control – the supply air temperature, the room temperature, etc.

Who is watching to verify that what they are doing is right? That the control strategies were well designed?  That the assumptions were correct? That they are still running as expected and haven’t been interfered with or overridden by human operators – a common problem.

Buildings are too complex for this to be done solely by humans. There is just too much data, and the equipment systems are too complex. Never mind the fact that almost all buildings are different. Add to that the impact of economic decisions that have resulted in fewer people being available with the necessary knowledge of systems and it’s easy to see why buildings rarely operate at maximum efficiency.


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