Introducing the World’s FIRST & ONLY Programmable Standalone & Network Ready Wireless Digital Pneumatic Thermostat!


Update your current pneumatic thermostat, whether it’s:

  • Johnson
  • Honeywell
  • Barber–Colman
  • Robertshaw
  • Invensys
  • KMC
  • etc.

Replace your existing pneumatic thermostat in minutes - save energy and improve comfort

  • Set "Occupied" and "Unoccupied" setpoints for heating and cooling. Pneumatic thermostats are usually set to "occupied" all the time.
  • Occupancy sensor input option allows the thermostat to save additional energy by adjusting the comfort setpoint to "unoccupied". Why heat or cool when no one is in the room?
  • Lower maintenance costs. No moving parts, no calibration required.

Replace pneumatic thermostats one at a time – as budgets permit

  • Works with your current pneumatic valves, actuators & VAV boxes.
  • Set "weekday" and "weekend" schedules.
  • Network to a wireless automation system when ready.
Installation Instructions