Maxon is in the business of pioneering new cutting edge technologies and innovative product designs today. The ever-changing requirements placed on companies that rely on combustion are offset by our solid commitment to research and development and our focus on emission control.

Yorkland provides of industrial burners and combustion equipment includes gas burners, oil burners, gas valves, shut off valves, flow control valves, and low NOx burners. 


MAXON provides the most complete line of industrial burners including natural gas burners, low NOx burners, and complete industrial burner systems to ensure your successful heating solution. Backed by a worldwide staff of combustion engineers, MAXON is your smart choice for value, reliability, and performance.

ShutOff and Gas Valves

MAXON gas valves are the only fuel shut off valves with metal-to-metal seats that "wear in", not out. Powerful closing springs provide a reliable closing force for assurance of safe fuel shut off. The natural guillotine action of MAXON shut off valves add a self-cleaning stroke to the valve operation.


A high degree of precision, repeatability, and commissioning flexibility for industrial flow control is found in the MAXON SMARTLINK® Intelligent Valve Actuator Assembly . The compact design of this unit is ruggedly built with FM, CE, and CSA approvals for outdoor, weatherproof installations.

The SMARTLINK™ actuator is also FM approved for hazardous area applications in mills, refineries and other plants.

The SMARTLINK® assembly includes both a Valve Actuator direct-coupled to a valve and a Control Interface unit between the Valve Actuator and the user's process controller, PLC, or DCS. Each valve is continuous duty and fully adjustable to 0.1 degree accuracy to provide dynamic control of burner ratios for optimal performance.

Maxon actuator


SMARTLINK® DS is stand–alone actuator that operates on 4–20mA input, has 300 and 900 lb/in torque options and has configurable features and an on–board display It comes as a lone actuator, or with pre–assembled valve/actuator choices.

Igniters & Flamerods

MAXON igniters and flame rods are engineered specifically for your burner products. Quality construction provides maximum service life and dependable operation to keep your heating processes running smoothly. In addition to replacements, consider keeping spares on hand for all your heating needs.

Gas Pilots

MAXON offers a wide range of gas pilots to meet the specific needs of each of its burner product lines. In most cases, the appropriate burner catalog section will provide selection data needed to choose one of the many pilots offered. The following information is a summary of the additional component/accessory part numbers and performance data.

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