Yorkland stocks KMC complete line of KMC HVAC Components.


KMC Controls is a major manufacturer in North America of environmental controls for commercial buildings, with products are used worldwide. KMC has been designing, patenting, and manufacturing a full line of analog electronic and pneumatic HVAC components for 35 years.

FlexStat is designed for small building automation, unitary equipment control, or as part of a larger BACnet system. It includes built-in applications, selectable through the interface, for standard HVAC challenges such as control of heat pump units, fan coil units, roof top units, & air handling units. However, its flexible offering of inputs and outputs and its programmability make it suitable for virtually any automation scenario.

Humidity and occupancy sensing options extend the flexibility. And, the removable backplate ensures easy wiring for a quick installation.Want to learn more? Download our feature sheet
KIT-1001 Extend the Live of your pneumatics System with VAV repair kits.

Five VAV-related repair kits are available now and kits for other applications are planned. The kits contain such common items as a volume resent controller, a two-pipe thermostat with scale plate options, air flow sensors, damper motors, valves, and pneumatic-electric relays.
The CSC-3000 Series Volume Reset Controllers are designed for use on heating or cooling systems with normally open or normally closed VAV terminal units.

They are differential-pressure, sub-master air velocity controllers. Each is equipped with separate adjustment knobs for minimum and maximum airflow setpoints. Models are available with various reset start points. A master controller, typically a room thermostat, resets the CSC between the minimum and maximum velocity setpoints.

These CSC-3000's universal design is intended for new or replacement applications that call for direct or reverse acting reset on normally open or normally closed VAV terminal units, using direct or reverse acting thermostats.
The KMC CTC-1000 Series thermostats are designed to control pneumatic valve and damper actuators in HVAC systems. These units are fully proportional, one-pipe, thermostats which require the use of an external restrictor on the main air line. A highly sensitive bimetal element provides stable, accurate feedback.

The CTC 1000s are single set-point units for either direct acting or reverse acting applications. These thermostats offer several mounting methods including the ability to mount in a 2” x 4” electrical box.

The cover design allows a visible or concealed thermometer, exposed or concealed set-point or a blank window. In addition, stops may be ordered which allow a locked set-point or restricted adjustment range.

Celsius markings , vertical scales or special finishes are available.
The KMC RCC-1011 and RCC-1111 multiple input selector relays are designed for pilot-duty operation.

The RCC-1011 and RCC-1111 are restricted devices that select the lowest and/or highest of 6 different pneumatic inputs. If a large output volume is required, use a volume booster relay. For applications requiring a “low” output, the integral selector valve must be set for the correct number of inputs. If a “high” output is required, this dial does not need be set.

The RCC-1011 can be mounted in-line and the RCC-1111 can be mounted using the included right angle bracket.
The CEP-4000 series is a pressure-independent combination controller-actuator designed primarily for use on variable air volume terminal units. Cooling and heating air flow is sensed by a temperature-compensated hot-wire anemometer. Velocity sensing is unaffected by changes in the duct air temperature.

The CEP-4000 series offers full-range flow control of VAV terminal units when used with the CTE-1000/1100/5000 series room thermostats. Air-velocity flow control limits are set at the room thermostat or remotely with the REE-1012 remote-limits accessory module. The actuator section provides a magnetic clutch that allows the actuator to be stalled at either end of stroke, eliminating the requirement for mechanical stops or end switches. The controller-actuator is available with (100°, 60°, and 45°) built-in stops or (360°) no stops. The default rotation direction can easily be reversed by swapping the red and blue motor wires.
The KMC SSS-1000 sensors are designed to sense differential pressure in the inlet section of variable air volume terminal units and fan terminal units. They can also be used to sense differential pressure at other locations in the main, or branch, duct systems.

The “H” port senses total pressure and the “L” port senses static pressure. The difference between these signals is the differential, or velocity pressure.

Models offer up to four sensing points and sensing lengths of 3-5/32”–9-29/32” to accommodate box size diameters of 4”–16”. The SSS-1000 Series sensors are typically used in conjunction with VAV terminal controllers for individual zone control in HVAC systems.