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FIN Stack from J2 Innovations, is an open framework which simplifies smart building management to get jobs done faster. It’s based on J2’s  FIN Framework software and consists of a comprehensive suite of ready-to-use apps, enabling integrated BMS solutions to be engineered quickly and easily.
The benefits of FIN Stack are:

Powerful Integration

Support for standard open protocols including BACnet, Modbus, KNX and OPC-UA, as well as SQL, REST, and MQTT

High Productivity Workflow

Wizards throughout the apps speed up configuration, while tagging enables automation of otherwise manual tasks, to reduce engineering time by 50% compared to other buildings management systems in the market

Haystack Tagging

Built on the latest Haystack 4 open tagging standard, enabling better data abstraction and analytics

Web Responsive and Mobile-friendy

With a best-in-class UX design, FIN Stack is mobile-responsive, fully HTML5-based, with a touch-friendly interface

Template Wizard

Use of templates streamlines the device discovery process by importing graphics, programs, and documentation at a single click

Advanced Graphics ; Dashboards

Dedicated dashboard app simplifies creation of custom dynamic dashboards, also integrating with 2D and 3D equipment graphics, tables, weather, and maps



FIN Stack can be deployed at the edge on a controller, gateway, HMI or server and supports a range of open protocols. It also has FIN Edge2Cloud technology that manages FIN Stack on the edge and can connect to third-party cloud apps


Specification Data Sheet


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J2 Innovations A Siemens Company Logo with tagline deep blue RGB