We hear and talk a lot about smart buildings. Converting a traditional building into a smart building can be a challenging task. The deployment complexities are enormous. Each building has multiple sub-systems from a slew of manufactures (HVAC, lighting, access control, Co2 monitoring, etc.). In addition, the deployment complexities security issues loom large. One has to protect against DDOS attacks, internal fraudulent employee hacks, proliferation of hacks from one sub-system to another, as well the need for a long lists of user names and passwords. Also, converting a building to a smart building should not require the need for any changes to Enterprise IT firewall and proxy policies. There should be a complete isolation of the IT network from OT network even though they use the same backhaul network infrastructure.

IoTium solves this unique secure connectivity problem for System Integrators, Facilities, and Building Operators!

Using Iotium’s network infrastructure as a service, millions of buildings with hundreds of sub-systems, can be securely connected to multiple applications that reside in public private and hybrid clouds; all without ever needing a truck-roll, without ever sending a networking engineer to the field, absolutely no user name and passwords and no changes to existing Enterprise IT firewall and proxy policies. This in turn is why Iotium’s network infrastructure as a service is being adopted widely by the entire building automation system integrator community.

The IoTium solution provides complete visibility of the building automation network, identifying connected assets and enabling organizations to ensure that everything on the network is authorized to be there. IoTium offers a unique and completely secure, scalable and extensible open network infrastructure platform so that anyone can connect any device, using any gateway, using any physical network, from any operator to any cloud and any application and be guaranteed the security of their data. It allows those in the building automation industry to capture the financial benefits of IIoT while significantly reducing cyberattack risks by providing them with secure, remote connectivity at scale.


use case diagram

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