Honeywell Security Card Access

WEBs-AX Security by Honeywell is an open, web-based security management solution that allows you to manage and monitor your facility anytime, anywhere. Built on the NiagaraAX Framework®, WEBs-AX Security integrates with any building automation system, enabling you to control lighting, HVAC equipment, and other building systems in response to access events and alarm conditions.

The heart of WEBs-AX Security is the advanced IP-based controller that eliminates the need for on-site PCs or thick client software. WEBs-AX Security enables authorized security administrators to manage credentials, access rights, access control, intrusion detection and alarm monitoring via a web browser interface from anywhere.

WEBs-AX Security is built on the NiagaraAX Framework, theindustry’s leading automation infrastructure platform. This allows integration with your building control system via BACnet, Lonworks, and Modbus, as well as supports enterprise connectivity through XML, SNMP, oBIX and HTTP.

Stand-alone or integrated to a building Automation System has never been easier.

Security Card Access Family of Products

Honeywell Security Controller Security Controller (SEC-H-602 or SEC-H-616)

Web-based, access control network controller that contains a web-server, embedded database, and WEBs-AX Security application software. The controller includes connectivity for 2 card readers and additional I/O for door control or general purpose usage.

Honeywell IOModel I/O Module (SEC-H-RIO/U)

Contains capacity for 8 supervised inputs and 8 Form C relay outputs. The I/O Module can be utilized for monitoring intrusion sensors, elevator controls, or controlling doors which do not require a card reader.

Honeywell ReaderModel Reader Module (SEC-H-R2R/U)

Supports 2 Wiegand style card readers and required I/O to support 2 doors. The I/O supports a door sensor, request-to-exit device, and strike for each door.

Honeywell UniversalIOModel Universal I/O Module (IO-16-REM-H/U)

Supports 8 Universal Inputs, 4 Form A Relay Outputs, and 4 0-10 VDC Analog Outputs. The Universal I/O Modules can be utilized for monitoring analog inputs, providing analog control signals, and providing relay contacts when interfacing to non-security related equipment.
NOTE: Requires one port on the NPB-2X-RS485/U option card not included with purchase.

Honeywell Enclosures

Enclosures are equipped with key lock, tamper switch, and the medium/large enclosures include a universal power supply. Knockouts are provided on top, bottom and sides for external connections. The enclosure interior has generous space for cable management.

Honeywell MountedReader

Honeywell provides a variety of readers including OP10HONR Mini-Mullion mounted readers.


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