Tekmar is a market driven company that listens to its customers. A leader in Hydronic control, Yorkland stocks boiler reset, pump and sequencing controls from tekmar.


Tekmar 265 Modulating Boiler Control

The Boiler Control 265 is a microprocessor-based control designed to operate up to three modulating boilers.

The 265 can provide either outdoor reset and setpoint operation or outdoor reset and DHW operation. The 265 provides either sequential or parallel modulation and has Equal Run Time Rotation of the boilers. The control also operates the system pump and individual boiler pumps.

The 265 provides either a 0 -20 mA or 4 -20 mA signal to each boiler. A contact is also available for either a combustion air damper or external alarm. The control can provide outdoor reset using an outdoor sensor or the control can accept a 0 -10 V (dc) signal from an EMS / BAS to establish the required water temperature.