The TCS/BaSys SZ1002"N" series of thermostats are ready to plug into any Facilitator or Companion System. Users can now enjoy the benefits of a low cost "network ready" thermostat and add the power of a supervisory control system later ! Contact us for additional information.


This symbol designates Yorkland as an Authorized distributor capable of supporting the Ubiquity Thermostats from TCS - BaSys.

Super Savings for NETWORK ready Thermostats!

Conventional Model SZ1021   Heat Pump Model SZ1022
2 heat/3 Cool or 3 Heat/2 Cool stages   2 compressor & 2 Aux. Heat Stages
7 - Day time clock   7 - Day time clock
Discharge Air temperature input   Discharge Air temperature input

For more information on these products please contact us or, visit the TCS/BaSys WWW Site.