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White Papers & Studies

Optomize HVAC Controls and Energy Management Systems (.pdf)
System Optimization by BAS "Data-Mining". (.pdf) ASHRAE Article Reprint
Indoor Air Quality in Schools- Continuous Monitoring. (.pdf) ASHRAE Article Reprint
Setback Study on Programmable Thermostats (.pdf)

Original Study conducted by the National Research Council, In partnership with Canada Mortgage and Housing & natural Resouces and Housing - Link

ControLinks Fuel Air Control System - Honeywell Installation at University of Western Ontario - Case Study

Application Guides

•   Security Access Control Basics (.pdf) 
•   Variable Speed Drives(.pdf)

Energy Incentives

Yorkland has provided an Energy Incentive page which lists the major utility and government incentive programs available.

 Energy Incentives


The following product presentations are courtesy of Yorkland Controls and the suppliers we represent.

VFD Training Presentation May 25, 2007 (.pdf)
Optimization of Automation Controls (.pdf)
Integrated Boiler Room Control (.pdf) RSES preso
Energy Savings with Electronic Refrigeration Presentation (.pdf)            Features ALCO Electronic Valves, controllers, examples and Gov't rebates.
Pneumatics (Generic Pneumatic Basics Presentation) (powerpoint)
A419 (Johnson Controls) (powerpoint)
XL15C Generic Control (Honeywell LCBS) (powerpoint)
RapidZone (Honeywell LCBS) (powerpoint)


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Winter 2005 (.pdf): Demand Control Ventilation and Economizers
Fall 2004 (.pdf):  Field Bus Metasys Extended Architecture
Summer 2003: (.pdf) Electronic Refrigeration
Winter 2003: (.pdf) Chiller Efficiency
Spring 2002: (.pdf) Linkage-less Burner Systems
Fall 2001: (.pdf) Energy Management Basics


Here are some great software tools that are certain to make your life easier!

Convert Anything! - Freeware (needs Winzip)
Degree Days - Toronto Airport (Rev. 1998 Source:Environment Canada
Refrigeration Cross Reference

Electromagnetic interference (EMI)

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is any unwanted, induced, electrical voltage and/or current that interferes with the desired ideal electrical signal of a circuit design. Read on to learn more about effects of EMI on the HVAC industry and what can be done to minimize EMI problems.

Minimizing EMI Problems

Product Tutorials

Here's some great inforamation to assist you in your understanding of various products utilized in the HVAC Industry and Yorkland Controls.

Electronic Refrigeration-Cold Storage Application (.pdf)
Chillers and Controls
Electronic Superheat Application (.pdf)
Wiring Sensors
Energy Management Systems (EMS) - Selecting a System


Learn more about various standards used in the HVAC industry.

ASHRAE 62-1989

Indoor Air Quality

Key technologies used today that affect HVAC operation include chillers, thermal storage, variable frequency drives (VFD), and variable air volume (VAV) systems. Because heating and cooling can represent between 40 percent and 60 percent of building operating costs (including maintenance items), HVAC retrofit decisions should not be made without considering all factors -- including indoor air quality (IAQ).

IAQ - Helpful Tips, Source of Contamination and Monitoring
Industry Links
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