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prod_image1Since 1970 Yorkland Controls has provided product, and support for process and commercial heating applications including:   prod_image2Yorkland Environmental provides the full spectrum of design, engineering and support services to meet the challenges of commercial building applications:
Stand-Alone Instrumentation   Automatic Temperature Control
Loop Controllers   Pneumatic
Programmable Logic Controllers   Analog Electric
Chart Recorders   Direct Digital Control
Temperature, Humidity & Pressure Transmitters   Humidity Control
Control Valves and Actuators   Lighting Control
Custom Control Panel Design & Fabrication   Security and Access Control
Process Control Applications   Integrated Environmental and Process Control
Combustion Analysis and Control   Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation Control
Flame Safeguard Control   Clean Room Control
Steam Control & Measurement   Integrated Lab & Fume Hood Control
Boiler & Oven Controls   Isolation Room Control
Plant Lead Lag Systems   Make-Up Air Unit Control
Incineration Controls   Variable Air Volume Control
Draft Controls   Chiller Plant Control
Process Cooling Systems   Ammonia Refrigeration System Control
Continuous & Batch Processes   Refrigeration System Control
Process Compliance Monitoring   Boiler Control
Liquid Level Control   Graphical Operator Interfaces
Fluid Handling   Multi-Site Dial-Up Networks
Brewery Controls   Local and Wide Area Networks
Commercial Baking   Energy Management Products
Heat Treating   Facility Management Systems
Foundries & Casting Processes   Hospitals & Medical Centers
Food Processing Controls   Nursing Homes
Dairies   K through 12 Schools and College Campuses
Automated Grain Drying   Retail Stores
Crop Dryer Controls   Office Buildings
Malt Processing   Manufacturing Facilities
Pulp & Paper   Food Processing Facilities
Paint & Finish Processes   Government Buildings
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      24 Hr. Emergency Service & Support
      System Enhancement and Migrations
      On-Site and Classroom Operator