Retail Energy Analytics and Control Technologies (R.E.A.C.T.)
Increase comfort while saving 30% to 60% on energy and operations.

Our Building management solutions is specifically designed for very small to mid-sized buildings and provides an economical alternative to full sized automation systems.

With all the flexibility to control HVAC, lighting as well as the ability to monitor consumption on site or remotely, our system allows for improved energy management and operational savings.

Optimally suited for:

  • Retail Markets – boutiques, coffee shops, gas stations
  • Commercial – offices, small business, restaurants
  • Hospitality – guest rooms, lobbies, fitness centers, banks
  • Healthcare – patient rooms, clinics, waiting rooms
  • Education – classrooms, dormitories, libraries, offices

Using the latest wired and wireless technology components -applied to HVAC, Lighting, Refrigeration, and Plug Loads- REACT can be installed very cost effectively, with no or reduced down-time, minimizing disruption to your operations.



  • Wireless/Wired Communication for fast and clean installation
  • Energy Saving Routines for free cooling, demand control ventilation
  • Dynamic Scheduling


  • Schedule and shedding light load
  • Automatic Signage Control
  • Lighting based on occupancy, motion and light levels

Plug Load

  • Disable process equipment during low peak hours
  • Monitor coolers, freezers and displays to maintain product quality
  • Alarm on temperature “out of norm” to protect inventory and reduce downtime

System Management

  • Embedded web browser for local and remote internet access
  • Local building graphics view and dash boards
  • Connect to E2-Optex server for analytics, predictive fault detection and more.
Example of REACT applied to a Coffee Shop


  • Internet/Remote access
  • Wireless and Wired Sensors for easy and quick installation
  • Lighting controlled & scheduled
  • Electrical Consumption monitoring

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