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Bi-Polar Ion Technology for IAQ – UL 2998 validation for zero zone emissions

The EXPro Sterionizer disinfection system is an excellent solution for all food processing, food packaging and food storing areas with critical IAQ requirements of air purity and sterility.

Oxygen molecules O2+ and O2- have high chemical activity and when reacting with water molecules in the air, H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide) is formed. A chemical reaction occurs and oxidants break down the protein structure of pollutants, rendering them harmless.

Easy to install units in any duct or fan system.

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Proactive Real-time Health, Safety and Operation

BuiltSpace with Yorkland Controls provides:

  • Affordable way to prove healthy indoor spaces.
  • Cleaning frequency in high touch areas are recorded with QR Codes.Work is verified with occupants given visibility into the process.
  • Properly maintained ventilation equipment is important for keeping indoorair healthy. Gain visibility and control of maintenance and service work tokeep equipment operating at optimized levels.
  • Gain insight into building health.
  • Visualize with reports that are easily accessed by operators and tenants. Show results.

Yorkland Controls with BuiltSpace are helping people feel safer returning to indoor spaces for schools, indoor spaces and leisure.


How it works



Healthy Spaces require proper ventilation.

In today’s environment, ensuring and validating that we have proper ventilation is important for space occupants and building owners. Ventilation based on Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Sensors just does meet up to the challenge of providing adequate ventilation.
With CO2 sensors there is no way to determine actual occupancy.


Real-time occupancy data can used for optimizing ventilation and COVID-19 occupancy reporting.