Honeywell's ControLinks� Fuel Air Control System proves a powerful competitor to traditional mechanical cam and linkage assemblies for the commercial/light industrial burner market. With its innovative linkage-less design, the system performs to 0.1degree accuracy using independent fuel-air curves and saves energy. The system controls the relationships between fuel flow, airflow and flue gas circulation (if used) on a one- or two-fuel power burner.

When the KANE MAY Combustion Analyzer is used with the ControLinks Fuel Air Control System service technicians can, from one location, analyze combustion stack emissions and burner performance, electronically adjust the fuel-air ratio and get instantaneous feedback on those adjustments.

More Information:

• White Paper on Linkageless Burner Controls (.pdf)

• ControLinks Energy Saving Software (members)

• Yorkland Case Study - University of Western Ontario (.pdf)

• Yorkland Case Study - Asphalt Plant (.pdf)

• Florida Case Study

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New Colour S7800 Display programs and access the linkageless system ! Provides:
  • Flame Signal
  • Diagnostics
  • Fault Information
  • Alarms
  • Run Times and Number of Burner cycles
  • Modbus Communication


      Actuator - Rear View