Gas Regulators

Sizing Regulators?.....

Call Yorkland. All we need from you is the basic information like:

• Inlet pressure
• Outlet pressure
• Application Capacity (Flow) of Natural Gas

Schlumber Gas Regulators are avialable in several sizes and capacities.

Maximum inlet pressure: 125 psig (8.6 bar);
maximum flow-rate: 2,000 SCFH (57 m³/h)

The B42™ series of spring-loaded regulators range in size from ½" to 1¼". Designed to meet local standards, they are typically used for residential and small commercial services. A safety relief valve is standard.

In many applications, because of the internal design of these regulators, safety relief valves may not be required.

B34 Performance Information (pdf)

B35 Performance Information (pdf)


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